Basketball 3D Shooting Contest, real free shootout
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Download Basketball 3D Shooting Contest, real free shootout APK free

Super hoops game, practice in cool stadium, play for fun offline and online

You will be the best basketball player around the Basketball 3D Shooting Contest mobile world!
The power of your finger is all you need to shoot in this realistic basketball game.

Improve your skills shooting from 16 different positions in three game modes. Start as a rookie and became a pro.
Feel the realistic basketball physics in this 3D game, with beautiful graphics that make you feel like you’re in a real basketball match.
You will be the best basketball player, just make sure you don't forget to practice!

- Gameplay is a modification of NBA all star shooting competition
- Realistic 3D graphics-basketball on mobile has never looked this real!
- 3 game modes, from rookie to pro
- Easy to start, challenging to master
- Adapt the basketball court as you like
- Make the audience cry with perfect shots
- 20+ basketballs
- Play offline and online!
- The exclusive Mobilaxy™ engine for unparalleled control
- Great game sound effects & music
- Easy, interesting controls and cool rules
- Fun for all ages
- Enjoy the game completely FREE
- Compatible with all tablets and mobile devices
- Your own basketball newspaper

- You are shooting from 16 different positions, starting at position #1, the easiest 1 point throw.
- Positions from 2 to 6 are 2 points shoots.
- Once you have successfully shot the ball, you will move to the next position.
- Positions 7 to 16 are behind the 3 point line (NBA: 23 feet 9 inches or 7.24 m) with positions 14, 15 and 16 being most challenging and needing lots of training and passion.
- Choose from three game modes: easy, medium and hard.

The advanced shoot control system gives you the chance to shoot with great accuracy
using your finger and giving special effects to the basketballs. Participate in a real 3D basketball game that lets you become an actual basketball player by training your shot technic.
Be the hero in the court, make your best shot to make the people cheer, swipe your finger and improve your accuracy. Customize your character, earn basketball skills and become the MVP.
Train your three-point shots, go for 2 points and make the one point free throw. Improve your playing ability and become an All Star basketball player!!

Basketball 3D Shooting Contest is one of the best basketball and sports games for adults and kids - boys and girls.

Download this top basketball shoot/shooter/shooting game and have fun shooting the ball through the basketball hoop in a basketball stadium as a basketball star, all for free.

Cool stuff - right?

From basket ball to basketball:
Dr. James Naismit famously invented basketball in 1891, but it was called basket ball for a reason—peach baskets served as the hoops. As we all know, there’s no swish in a closed basket. When Naismith and others began using nets and rims in 1893, they still didn’t hear the swish. The nets were metal and usually closed at the end, so players had to fish out the ball after each basket.
It wasn’t until 1912 that open-ended fabric nets were approved for use in recreational, high school, and college games.*

Basketball swish or perfect shot:
Few sounds are more satisfying in the game of basketball than the swish of a net when the ball drops clean through the hoop. You need a fluid shooting technique and a lot of practice to regularly hear that noise. (The Swish Method for Shooting a Basketball

The swish quickly became a common way to punch up a routine article about a game. Part technological phenomenon, part purple prose (swish rolled off the tongue), and part luck, swish became synonymous with the perfect shot.*

Airball, Airball:
Airball is THE worth shot that misses everything: the hoop, the rim and the backboard.

* Swish! The birth of the swish and the first basketball player to get one BY PHIL EDWARDS · @PHILEDWARDSINC· MARCH 11, 2014,
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Basketball 3D Shooting Contest, real free shootout
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Basketball 3D Shooting Contest, real free shootout
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