Azuro: Property Management
Azuro: Property Management
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Azuro: India’s largest Organized Rental and Property Management Platform - Apk Azuro: Property Management safely for free!

A little about the app Azuro: Property Management

Azuro is a property management solution that provides all the resources you need to manage your rental property, at your fingertips. The simple yet powerful design of the mobile app makes it easy for the house-owners to handle the property related issues at any point of time.

From tenant scouting to providing complete assistance in managing the property, Azuro takes care of all the needs of a house-owner.

We help the house-owners by automating and streamlining the process of managing the property using technology.

In addition to the above services, we also help tenants in finding their dream homes without brokerage and assist them in paperwork, house maintenance and the Move-in/Move-out process.


Finding Tenants

Marketing: With the help of our online listing partners, corporate channels, and our extensive network of local agents, we can help you find tenants instantly.

Locality Expertise: Our tenant finding team possesses location-based expertise and deep insights into the locality. They study every property in detail to identify what are the key stand out points in the property as compared to any other house in the locality. This ensures swift closures.

Rent Estimation: Setting the right expectation of rental price is critical in finding a tenant for the property. Our data-driven rent estimation engine based on real-time registration data helps in zeroing down on the optimal rent of the property.

Background Checks
Identity Verification: We verify the identity documents of the tenant from the respective issuing authorities.

Court Records: We find it out for you if there is any past case related to the prospective tenant in any of the civilian or criminal courts.

Property Maintenance

Periodic Inspections: Our team conducts periodic inspections of your property during the tenure. We share detailed and easy to understand reports with you.

On-demand Service Request: Both owners and tenants can raise any maintenance related request. We ensure that any and every issue that is identified is resolved at the earliest.

Payment Solution:
We ensure that by the end of the month, you get your rent payments on time.


Hassle-free Paperwork: Complete negotiation and paperwork including the registration of Agreement, Society NOC, Police Verification is handled by us, making it a stress-free experience.

Move-in Move-out Reports: Move-in Report shared with you and the Owner that captures the condition of the apartment. This is referenced with the Move-Out report for complete transparency & trust.

Single Point of Contact: A dedicated property manager for any maintenance related issues, coordinating with the owner, providing rent receipts, etc. throughout the lease cycle.

We are a user-centric company and we believe in continuously enhancing our platform by coming up with new features through regular feedback from customers.
We’re currently operating in Mumbai & Pune. For any issues or feedback, you can reach out to us at [email protected]
What's new in Azuro: Property Management?
- New Rent Payment Module:
- Now you can start paying the rent with or without the owner getting added
- You can select the duration and pay rent in advance for a future period in this new flow.
- The settlement time for the rent payment is also reduced so that the rent amount is transferred from the tenant's to the owner's account quickly.
- Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements
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Azuro: Property Management
Azuro: Property Management