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Alive is a general interest magazine that covers varied topics.

Alive is a general interest magazine that covers varied topics ranging from politics, economy, lifestyle, business and fiction to travel and entertainment, and draws its core readership from amongst seasoned readers.

To read the magazines, either you need to purchase single issue or subscribe them as listed below.

Subscriptions offered:

1. One Year Subscription with 12 Issues - $4.99 or Rs.234 (in India)
2. Six Months Subscription with 6 Issues - $2.99 or Rs.135 (in India)
3. Three Months Subscription with 3 Issues - $1.99 or Rs.77 (in India)

Single Issue - $0.99 or Rs.30 (in India)
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Updated in 2022-05-23
Size 14.61 MB
Current version 4.8.6
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Offered By Delhi Press
Alive Magazine
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